Orbit Fab envisions a thriving in-space market for products and services that support both existing space businesses (communications and Earth observation) and new industries like space tourism, manufacturing, and mining. We offer a ubiquitous supply of satellite propellant in Earth Orbit, expanding the operational potential of new and existing space assets and enabling unprecedented business model flexibility for satellite owners. The future for satellites is no longer restricted to the fuel they are launched with. We provide the fuel that satellites need, where and when they need it, to achieve things never before thought possible.

Co-Founders Daniel Faber, CEO, and Jeremy Schiel, CMO, are working to establish the first gas station in space for satellite refueling. With the first successful launch within a year of founding the company behind them, the two are one step closer to making their vision a reality.



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Our Team


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Daniel Faber

Co- Founder and CEO

15+ years space technology leadership. Last 3 years as CEO of Deep Space Industries – building the team, closing millions in financing and growing sales to ~ $10 million.


Jeremy Schiel

Co-Founder and CMO

Experienced in international marketing and management with a proven track record in the German and Japanese tier one automotive manufacturing industry.


Kasey Yang


Over 15 years of experience in accounting and financial services for technology firms. Skilled in organizing and presenting data for financial decision.


Thomas Odenwald

Head of Business Development

A global strategy and technology executive and a well-known expert in the field of enterprise software and internet of things. Previously was a leader in both start-ups and market leading companies (20+ years SAP).


Dean Hawes

Head of Engineering

A Masters Degree in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, and 30+ years of success developing and deploying products for the aerospace, defense, and various commercial industries.


James Bultitude

Lead Engineer

10 years of experience in aerospace engineering and IT. Experienced building and flying CubeSats and ISS experiments. Masters of Space Studies from International Space University.


A startup is about to test a ‘gas station in space’ that could one day refuel satellites

Orbit Fab is launching its Tankers to test key systems in the International Space Station in December.

Orbit Fab to test refueling technology on ISS

Orbit Fab delivers on a contract with the ISS National Laboratory to test key systems of their tanker in the International Space Station.

This Startup Company Wants To Build Gas Stations In Orbit To Refuel Satellites

Article by IFLScience: A startup company has announced that it hopes to build an orbiting gas station to service other satellites.

Startup Raises Money to Build “Gas Stations” in Space

Article by SpaceNews: A startup company planning to develop orbital propellant depots to assist satellite servicing ventures has raised an initial round of funding to support a first launch as soon as next year. Interview with Daniel Faber.

Career Opportunities

Orbit Fab is currently looking for talented, self-motivated individuals to fill various positions. If you are interested, click HERE for more information.

We are also looking for smart and driven students looking to make a real impact in a small company. Our interns get hands on experience building real hardware and solving difficult problems.

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