Satellite 2019 Startup Space Winner, OrbitFab

Daniel Faber, Cofounder and CEO of Orbit Fab wins the Satellite 2019 Startup pitch competition. Watch the interview live.


Deep Space Gas Stations Prepare for In-Space Market

One of our favorite things to do here at Altium is to support entrepreneurs and their innovative startup companies by equipping them with our PCB design tools. Orbit Fab is one such company. In this article, partners Daniel Faber and Jeremy Schiel share their vision for the future of space and the critical need for satellite fueling stations.

How Orbit Fab Is Building The First Gas Stations In Earth Orbit

Daniel Faber has led multiple startups, like the asteroid mining company Deep Space Industries, and is now working on a standard fueling port to enable refueling in space.

A startup is about to test a ‘gas station in space’ that could one day refuel satellites

Orbit Fab is launching its Tankers to test key systems in the International Space Station in December.

Orbit Fab to test refueling technology on ISS

Orbit Fab delivers on a contract with the ISS National Laboratory to test key systems of their tanker in the International Space Station.

This Startup Company Wants To Build Gas Stations In Orbit To Refuel Satellites

Article by IFLScience: A startup company has announced that it hopes to build an orbiting gas station to service other satellites.

Startup Raises Money to Build “Gas Stations” in Space

Article by SpaceNews: A startup company planning to develop orbital propellant depots to assist satellite servicing ventures has raised an initial round of funding to support a first launch as soon as next year. Interview with Daniel Faber.